RV vs Renting


As two soon to be newlyweds, my fiancé and I spent months searching for our first place to call home. We looked at houses, apartments, townhomes, fixer-uppers, everything! Yet none of them were for us. In the spirit of all things creative we decided to take a slightly unconventional but growingly more popular route and buy an RV! A little out of the box but it’s cozy, cute, comfy, and most of all it’s ours. While the typical route people our age take when getting married is to rent we pretty quickly realized that this option was not for us. Below are three points as to why we went with an RV instead of a rental.

  1. Financially it’s a better choice. We have both been renting rooms for about a year now and we are so done with the rental life. A non-negotiable for us is our puppy which many people charge huge fee’s if you have a dog, even if they are quiet and non-destructive like ours. To pay the fee to park our RV (we only pay for electric separate) and then to pay our monthly on the RV is cheaper that what we have both been previously paying to rent rooms. Which is great but the big difference is, paying the monthly on the RV is money back into our own pockets because at the end of the day we OWN the RV. We have friends who pay $100 more just on base rent for an apartment. Then you add pet frees, electric, water, trash and sewer on top of that!. After doing the math we are looking at roughly a $200 to $300 monthly savings by having an RV vs. renting. Plus, we didn’t have to buy any furniture because everything was already included.
  2. Physically in a better location. Searching for a rental with our budget was a huge struggle. He’s working to save up to go back to school, I currently work a job where sometimes I can’t even afford 3 meals a day so we weren’t by any means wealthy. We are content with what we have but our budget means we couldn’t be picky about where we lived. I did have two requirements though; it must be safe and clean. We worked hard to find a rental within our price range that fit these two things but there was nothing out there that checked off both boxes. So when it came to getting an RV these two were both a no brainer. RV parks and campgrounds in our area are clean and extremely safe. There’s no thru traffic and everyone is super friendly and watches out for each other. Also, should we run into any problems or decide that we prefer a different location we can always just pick up the RV and move. Personally, our location is a little bit country and I love it! So hopefully no need to move arises. We’ll keep you updated.
  3. Personally, it’s more our lifestyle. We are slightly free spirits. We work hard, play hard, and if either one of us comes up with a crazy idea that we can actually make happen, we do it! We aren’t the type to say “wouldn’t it be cool if we can do __________” instead we say “let’s do ______________” within reason. It took us less than a week after first considering to get an RV to decide which one we wanted and then it took about another week to get the financials and paperwork all squared away. Owning an RV makes it easier to continue on with this type of lifestyle because there are fewer regulations on what you can and cannot do in your living space. Our RV is only a 2014 model but we have already decided that we want to do some renovations and updates to make it completely and entirely ours which is something we know we could never possibly do had we been renting.

We know that RV living isn’t for everyone but it is for us! Feel free to follow us on my Facebook page Palah Creative to keep up with our RV living stories. We hope to also make a Youtube channel soon to help you really see what we are talking about as we plan to do some renovations.

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