Our First Home

Wedding planning, job hunting and home searching all at the same time is definitely not for the faint of heart. With just weeks until our wedding I was getting very nervous about how all of these details would come together before we travel to my hometown in Pennsylvania for the wedding. Thankfully, last weekend Felix and I checked off one of those things, we bought our first home!

As we visited apartments and even some houses for rent, over and over again we would notice things that just didn’t work for us. $400 pet deposits. Dead roaches on the floor. Rentals that smelled like smoke. Neighborhoods that were anything but safe.  All of these things kept us from settling on a rental. Little did we know at the time, it was because God had something completely different planned for us.

We were spending the weekend in Alabama visiting with some of Felix’s family when their neighbors needed some help parking their camper. Felix helped them park it, toured the inside and then came to me excited about yet another one of his crazy ideas. All he had to say was “We should look at some RV’s tomorrow” and it really took off from there. On our drive back from Alabama to Florida we decided that we were going to visit Camping World in Gulf Breeze. On to Camping World we went and once we got there we told the salesman to just let us look around without him and we’d get back to him if we had any questions. Finally, we decided to ask him about a few campers and we were shocked to hear how affordable they were. It was really at that moment we decided that getting a camper was for us.

Over the next few days we looked at camping spots and Felix searched online for an RV to match exactly what we were looking for. Within two weeks we were standing at the site of our new home just waiting for Camping World to drop it off. The neighbors and park manager were extremely helpful in getting it parked perfectly, stabilizing our new home and getting our water, electric and sewer properly hooked up for us first timers.

Slideout side of RV
Entrance Side of RV
Our lot before the RV arrived
The RV arriving at our lot site
Us with our new home
Also us with our new home

I will be writing some posts and sharing photos about RV living tips, lessons we’ve learned, and just general life on this page since fully time RV living in your 20’s is definitely a little more creative than the traditional routes for housing so feel free to follow our story! We hope to create a Youtube channel soon so you can really see what we are talking about in regards to our RV lifestyle.

SNEAK PEAK: The next post will be about why we chose RV living over renting

P.S. We haven’t named our RV yet so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below!

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