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At the start of December 2016 I realized that something in my life needed to change. I was working a day job at a school, spending evenings and weekends working retail, and then taking whatever free time I could find to work on design. Honestly, it was miserable. The demands of working 70+ hours a week left me as only a silhouette of my former self. I had to give up my 2016 goals for running and reading because there was no way I’d be able to accomplish them with the schedule I was keeping. Designing was falling further toward the back of my priorities list because I was overworking to make a better life for myself. I was upset that I had gotten into this situation, for not being smarter, for not choosing the easier path in life. That’s when it happened. God in his infinite wisdom and plan for my life let my body give up on me. (in only a small way)

It was a Sunday when I first realized I wasn’t feeling well. After working a shift in retail I had gotten out of work just in time for church. While sitting there in church I realized something just didn’t feel right. Over the next few days I couldn’t eat, sleep, work, drink water, or breathe without being in pain. It hurt to speak, it hurt to think, it hurt to swallow. I was sick and miserable. Thankfully, my day job boss allowed me to fly to my families home in Pennsylvania and work remotely for the next week so I could receive medical help and recover. While recovering from being sick I realized I needed to take a step back, get my life in order, trust God, and pursue what he has called me to do with this life.

Palah Creative has been a concept in my head since at least 2012. I had imagined someday creating a website, selling different items, and dabble in writing a little bit but I kept telling myself “someday”. I told myself in 2012 that I’d do it “someday when I graduate from college.” Since graduation in May 2016 I told myself “someday when I have my own place to live.” (I currently rent a room) Since then I’ve been making other excuses “someday when I can afford art supplies” “someday when I have a desk” “someday when I don’t work constantly”. While recovering from being sick I realized that I needed to STOP. I needed to stop making excuses and live the life God has called me to. I needed to stop and trust that God was going to take care of me every step of the way. I’ve heard it said,

“If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough.”

Well this dream didn’t just scare me, I was terrified. (I still am) Doubt and fear would creep into my mind and tell me, “You can’t even afford an apartment how can you afford to start a small business” Satan would plant his lies into my head and tell me “There’s no way you can do this. How can you organize a business from a rental room.” But then I realized, how can I not? How can I not follow what God is calling me to do? How can I afford to not do what I believe He wants me to being doing now? And thus, Palah Creative was formed.

Along this journey I know there will be joyous times, mistakes, lessons learned, steps forward and two steps backward. I invite you to please join me as we go through this process. In future posts I’d love to share with you about the company name inspiration, works in progress, and just give you a little more of the backstory and experiences that have brought Palah Creative to where it is today.

Thanks for reading!


Emily Rose

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