Hello and welcome to Palah Creative!

Here we showcase some pieces of our design and photography projects that we have done in the past. We provide design services for wedding and¬†event invitations, business cards, hand-lettered art, handcrafted paper products, all things graphic design, and pretty much any¬†custom design you can imagine. We are a small business run by a newlywed couple (Married May 2017) and we are seeking to expand into new avenues of photography and design. It is our desire to grow and stretch ourselves to be as versatile and flexible as any photographer or designer could possibly be so if you don’t see the style you are looking for represented on our website, just ask! We may have just not posted it on here or we may not have yet touched your corner of the world. Either way, message us! We’d love to email, chat, meet over cupcakes, and get to know you!