Why I Create


Have you ever had a dream that burned in your heart for years but you were too scared to act? Have you ever tried to create and build your dream only to feel under valued and unappreciated? Have you ever started to step out in pursuit of your dream only to get pushed down time and again?

My hand is raised on every one of these points! I’ve had clients that didn’t want to pay, a dream I was too scared to act upon, and felt like a failure over and over when it comes to this tiny business. I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve wanted to give up and move on to a new idea. I’ve wanted to erase Palah Create completely from my past and my future because it felt too big, too scary, or just too much. But God had other plans.

He gave me this passion, these talents, this vision to serve him. He allowed the challenges to grow me and draw me closer to His image for me. He has let me fail and given others the grace to forgive my mistakes along the way. I’ve wanted to quit, but God had plans so much greater for this business than I could ever imagine.

So why am I rambling on and on about the history and how I wanted to quit? Because this business isn’t an Emily thing, or a money making thing, it’s a God thing! He calls some people to minister behind pulpits, over the radio, as a cosmetologist, or even in far away lands, but for me, God has called me to create! He’s made it clear that my service to Him is to bring glory to His name through artwork, to products, and through creativity.

When this business was first created the name Palah Creative came straight out of a personal Bible study. The original word for “set apart” in the Bible is Palah. That was the foundation of this business and the foundation of each and every one of our very existences. We are set apart for the Master Artists use. We are set apart to bring honor and glory to Him! Welcome to Palah Creative. I hope you enjoy your visit to our site and truly feel the presence of Christ in everything we do.